We are happy to announce that the schedule of closest performances for season 20/21 is renewed. We kindly ask you to pay attention to the conditions of ticket sales for different concert halls. Be careful and stay safe!


Olga Seliverstova became a member of the Council for Culture of Komi Republic since August 2020.


Don Juan.
Unfortunately the premiere of Mozart’s “Don Juan” is postponed indefinitely. We will announce as soon as possible.


The Tsar's Bride.
On December 20-22, the Historical Scene will again turn into royal chambers, where dramatic events took place long ago. “The Tsar’s Bride” by Rimsky-Korsakov is one of the favorite operas of Russian spectators. A year ago, shown live on Mezzo, it captivated music lovers around the world. Palace passions and unsolved historical riddles... Love, tenderness, treachery and passion ...‬
Conductor T. Sokhiev.


The Tale of Tsar Saltan.
On October, 26th Bolshoi shows the first premiere of the season 19/20 “The Tale of Tsar Saltan” by Rimsky-Korsakov. The show on famous lyrics by A.S. Pushkin was staged by Alexei Frandetti and will be interesting to both children and adults. Some will be struck by real miracles, the flying Swan, Kite and Bumblebee, while others will see a real drama about love, betrayal and forgiveness.
Conductor T. Sokhiev


Il Viaggio a Reims.
September 10-13, at the Historical Stage of the Bolshoi Theater, again, "Il Viaggio a Reims" by the great Rossini. Olga Seliverstova in the role of Corinna transforms into a student-artist, and the characters of the opera gather in the real painting “The Coronation of Charles X” during the magical sounds of the final aria with a harp. This production has become a landmark for tue director Damiano Micheletto, the show is being performed all over the world, and the Bolshoi Theater invites the best Rossini singers for this opera.
Conductor T. Sokhiev


The Tsar's Bride.
In May 2018 the opera, ballet and orchestra of the Bolshoi Theater will go on tour to Shanghai. The Tsar's Bride is one of the most beautiful and tragic Russian operas. Olga Seliverstova makes her debut as Marfa on the scene of the Shanghai Bolshoi Theater on May 14-16.‬


The city day 9, ‪10 September‬.
This year in the City Day, the center of Moscow was equipped with open stages, where the most fascinating events took place. On one of the stages Bolshoi Theater’s soloists performed the greatest Russian arias for the residents and guests of Moscow. Conductor - Ivan Velikanov.‬


Opening of the theater in Balashov.
In Balashov, in honor of the opening of a new stage of the Drama Theater, a festival took place, in which many theaters of Moscow and St. Petersburg took part. Best singers of the Bolshoi Theater were happy to congratulate the citizens on this event, a concert of soloists was held ‪on September 7.‬


‪August 13‬ in Harbin there was a solo concert of Olga Seliverstova and Dmitry Onishchenko. Olga's program included enchanting romances of Rachmaninov, arias of Mozart and French composers. Dmitry also beautifully performed solo piano pieces.


Among the lakes in the ancient castle of Finland for more than 100 years there is the Savonlinna Opera Festival. In 2017 the festival invites the Bolshoi Theater with the staging of the opera "Iolanta". Performances will be held ‪on July 25-29.‬ Olga Seliverstova as Brigitte.


July 7, the TV channel "Culture" watch the famous "Ticket to the Bolshoi", dedicated to the premiere of Snow Maiden, which left a great impression on the Moscow audience. Also links and excerpts from critical articles you can read on the page "Press"


June 23, in the center of Moscow was organized a huge concert "Classics in the city" with the participation of opera and ballet soloists of the main Moscow theaters. The numerous public had the opportunity to hear the most famous opera hits accompanied by the Bolshoi Theater orchestra.


The awaited premiere of "Snow Maiden" on the Historical Stage of the Bolshoi Theater will be held on June 15, 2017. The spring fairy tale of Rimsky-Korsakov was transferred to the world after the disaster, where people survive in the conditions of nuclear winter. Here and now human relations become more acute and now people need much more love ... Olga Seliverstova performs the title part at the opening night, June 15 and 17.


June 11 at 11 am The Bolshoi Theater will broadcast live the premiere of the opera “The Snow Maiden”. You can see snippets of rehearsals and vocal lessons by Olga Seliverstova performing the title part in a new production, as well as watching rehearsals of the orchestra, choir and costume workshop.

Register and see the Opera House of the Bolshoi Theaterhere>>

Video on the link will be available right after the live broadcast.


The Bolshoi Theater says goodbye to R. Strauss's magic opera "Rose Chevalier" in April 2017. As part of the magnificent German and Austrian singers, Olga Seliverstova has the honor to fulfill the role of Sophie. You can enjoy the incredible music of one of the most beautiful operas of the world repertoire on April 27 and 29 on the Historical Stage of the Bolshoi Theater.


Spring comes into its right under the merry music of G. Donizetti. "Don Pasquale" on the New Stage of the Bolshoi Theater will not leave anyone indifferent. Olga Seliverstova in the role of Norina with charming ease will deceive a simpleton Pasquale, will make the audience laugh, empathize and watch the events on the stage with interest!!


Palace coups and love affairs in the beautiful production of the opera "Don Carlos" at the Bolshoi Theater. In a terrible moment of the execution under the dome of the historical scene, a Voice from the sky of Olga Seliverstova will be heard. March 22-26 in the Bolshoi!


«Iolanta» is again on the Historical Stage of the Bolshoi Theater. Beautiful staging and wonderful composition of singers will please the Moscow audience on February 22. And in July 2017 this production will go to the opera festival in Savonlinna (Finland). Olga Seliverstova sings Brigitte.


In 2017, the international forum "Mieczyslaw Weinberg: Return" was held. The Bolshoi Theater premiered his opera "Idiot" based on the novel of the same name by Dostoevsky. Olga Seliverstova acted as Alexandra Epanchina.


On the historical stage of the Bolshoi Theater there took place another one brilliant premiere! "The journey to Reims" - one of the most cheerful operas of Rossini. On the stage there are people of different nationalities and absolutely different characters, what makes the opera look like a string of interesting concert numbers. Roman poetess Corinne improvises to the accompaniment of the harp, Olga Seliverstova is gentle and elegant in this role, that was noted by the audience and respected critics. We sincerely hope that soon this opera will enter the repertoire of the Bolshoi Theater.br>


The same performance looks different when changing cast. On January, 6 and 7 Olga Seliverstova played Musetta in Puccini's "La Boheme" with the new partners on the stage. As artist Marcello public saw Igor Golovatenco, as poet Rudolfo - Alexey Tatarintsev.


"The Story of Kai and Gerda" has become a traditional New Year greeting by the Bolshoi Theatre. Tender and touching Gerda by Olga Seliverstova will not leave indifferent neither kids nor adults. Favorite story, beautiful music by Banevich opened the new year on the New Stage of Bolshoi Theatre.