We are happy  to announce that the schedule of closest performances for season 20/21 is renewed. We kindly ask you to pay attention to the conditions of ticket sales for different concert halls.

   Be careful and stay safe!

    Olga Seliverstova  became a member of the Council for Culture of Komi Republic since August 2020.

    Unfortunatel  the premiere of Mozart’s “Don Juan” is postponed indefinitely. We will announce as soon as possible.


Olga Seliverstova gives a brilliant interpretation of Fiordiligi, powerful and committed.

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Olga Seliverstova seduces in a role full of traps. Her "Non mi dir" is stratospherically correct. She sings effortlessly allowing to shine the beautiful natural glow of her voice.

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At the heart of this production that has a beautiful energy and consistency, was the brilliance and power of soprano Olga Seliverstova, one of the sisters, who has a voice that shines that even the moon would envy. 

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Donna Anna (soprano Olga Seliverstova) is full of allure. The score seems to be written for her voice, phrasing is perfect, soft vocals and high notes are perfectly controlled.

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